Race rules are listed in subsections with respect to specific race aspects. If violation of a specific rule results in a penalty, the penalty is noted after the rule in italic type. All participants will be required to sign that they have read and understand the race rules.


  • All mandatory gear must be approved at registration by race organizers.
  • Mandatory gear must be carried at all times, no exceptions. This includes the passport in acceptable condition, and a visible race number (both distributed at registration).
  • Race numbers must be worn on outside of clothing at all times.
  • Mandatory gear for specific legs need only be carried as specified by organizers for that leg. (There will be at least one check of Mandatory gear on the course). Time Penalty.
  • Picking up and dropping off of gear may only take place at designated Transition Areas. Time Penalty.
  • No personal canoes or paddles are allowed.
  • Use of all electronic devices other than watches and altimeters is illegal (e.g. GPS-global positioning systems, radios, cellular phones, night vision goggles). Disqualification.

On the Race Course

  • Teammates must stay within 100 feet of each other at all times during the race. Time Penalty.
  • Teams must stay on the prescribed course.
  • Competitors must complete the entire course, pass through all checkpoints in order, and have their passport signed or punched at each checkpoint. Disqualification.
  • Teams must use only the mode of travel specified for each leg. (e.g. teams cannot cycle during the hiking leg).Disqualification.
  • Only human-powered travel is allowed. Disqualification.
  • Respect the environment. No littering. Carry out all that you carry in. Bury all sanitary waste. Disqualification.
  • No outside assistance, other than in specified transition areas may be utilized by competitors. Disqualification.
  • Teams may help each other during the race. If a team is in trouble, other teams are encouraged to help. A time bonus may be awarded to the helping team at the race director’s discretion.
  • Canoes may not be dragged on the ground. Time Penalty.
  • No fires. Time Penalty.

Support Crews – OPTIONAL

  • Teams may have a Support Crew member but it is not mandatory.
  • The number of Support Crew persons is not limited.
  • Support Crews may use only one (1) vehicle of reasonable size. No trailers, U-haul type panel trucks, moving vans, or Semi’s. If you are unsure, call and ask. Space will be limited at transition areas.
  • Support crews and their vehicles are limited to the starting line area, transition areas, the finish line area, and routes of travel between these locations.
  • Support Crews may render assistance to the competitors only at official transition areas. They may not assist or have any other contact with them at any other times/locations. Disqualification.
  • Support Crews can provide food and water for their teams (both to carry during the race and eat in Transition Areas). There will not be time to shop after the race has begun, so arrive prepared.
  • Support Crews can prepare an area at each Transition Area in which the team can change clothes, switch gear, eat, and get dry and warm. Bring the necessary equipment to do this, and a plan for how to do this as well.
  • After arriving at a Transition Area, Support Crews will not be able to leave the area until an established period of time after their team has left.
  • Support Crews are responsible for treatment of minor medical treatment of competitors.
  • Support Crews may assist their teams at check-in and skills testing.


Teams may continue if one team member withdraws. The remaining competitors must carry all team mandatory gear. There must be two competitors racing for a team to continue. Voluntary withdrawals must occur at transition areas. Teams that withdraw must notify race officials at the nearest transition area.

Race Organization

Penalties will be added to team’s total time at the end of the race. Race organizers will determine time penalties for specific rules infractions prior to start of race. Winners will be the fastest complete 3-person team (including penalties) to cross the finish line with a complete passport. The Race Organizers reserve the right to assess time penalties or bonuses to teams as they see fit. Race organizers reserve the right to decide whether or not a person or team may continue for health, safety, or other reasons (e.g. inadequate time remaining to finish entire course). Race organizers reserve the right to change the rules or the course at any time.

* Race Rules Are Subject To Change

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